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Organic Vita Min Herb - Men's

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This new version of the Synergy Company's Organic Vita Min Herb comes in a convenient 4 tablet per day serving size.

Key Features of the Formula

•Jam-packed with over 55 organic whole food vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, flowers and spices in every tablet
•Features the industry’s first ever certified organic vegetable tablet coating
•100% of the herbal extracts are made with our organic SuperPure, ultra-concentration process
•Utilizes The Synergy Company's advanced dual fermentation process to “organically grow” our whole food nutrients for optimal bioavailability
•Enhanced concentrations of vitamin K2, full spectrum Vitamin E Tocotrienols, Turmeric Extract, Hawthorne Berry Extract, and more
•More convenient than ever – just two tablets twice daily is the new optimal serving size (in a new 120-count bottle size that replaces the 180 count bottles)

The Synergy Company's Organic Vita Min Herb for Men is the most impressive Whole Food Multi Nutrient Supplement we have ever seen. Vita Min Herb provides all the essential nutrients in a whole food form that the body can easily recognize and assimilate to create a vital foundation for radiant health and well-being.

A revolutionary innovation in multiple vitamin and mineral supplementation, The Synergy Company's Organic Vita Min Herb features an exclusive and extensively tested Naturally Grown Nutrients™ with a synergistic blend of health-enhancing Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic botanical extracts. These extracts are all properly prepared and concentrated to bring tonic contribution to the body unlike the "ground" herbs many competing products add as a token.

The bottles are glass, vaccum sealed, produced in a organic and kosher facility and even have organic cotton on the insides of the bottles to prevent pesticide offgassing. The Synergy company has outdone themselves again with continually raising the bar to include substantial amounts of food grade vitamins and minerals. In other words these are not isolated nutrients but nutrients that are grown in a tank hydroponically and then dried into additive free tablets.

The needs of both women and men are met in the two different formulas specifically tailored. The Synergy Company's Organic Vita Min Herb is simply put the only multi vitamin we know of that we would consume, and we have every single day for 9 year.

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Manufacturer Synergy
Capsules 120
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4 Tablets Daily with or without food

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