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The Synergy Company's Pure Synergy is their pinnacle product. Pure Synergy is the superfood powder that beats all the rest. With it's organic ingredients which are juiced and not ground, it is superior. The Synergy Company vacuum seals all their products, including Pure Synergy!

With so many superfood powders on the market, we were given the opportunity to carry many fine products. However one product stands above them all, Pure Synergy. Pure Synergy has many features which make it truly the superior product on the market. For starters it contains nearly every superfood known. Superfoods are nutrient dense substances that enhance the life force of the one consuming it.

The chinese have consumed superfoods for nearly 2500 years in the form of herbs and other substances. Pure Synergy has roughly 60 ingredients that are not only all extremely beneficial but also of the absolute highest quality. This product is produced in a certified organic and Kosher facility and none of the ingredients are irradiated, genetically modified, or chemically sprayed. Just take for instance the Green juice ingredients. Most competing products will take wheatgrass and barleygrass and simply mill the grass to a powder. Not the Synergy company.

They juice it, thereby removing the indigestible fiber found in grasses, concentrating the formula. Lets look at the Chinese Herbs: Nearly all herb formulas on the market are 1:1 extracts. Pure Synergy is 7:1!!! Also the herbs are tested extensively to meet US, German, and Japanese standards for purity. They also use the herb Astragulus as a drying surface instead of the corn starch medium used by nearly everyone else.

To top it all off the product is vaccum sealed in amber glass jars with oxygen absorbants. We feel that Pure Synergy is the most beneficial Mutli Tonic on the market that everyone can benefit from!

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