Dragon Herbs Hermits Mix

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Dragon Herbs Hermit's Mix

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Brand: Dragon Herbs
Hermits Mix is an absolutely delicious and super nutritious blend of goji berry, pine nuts, longan fruit, and walnuts. This is well worth its weight and is a great gift for the pickiest person in your home who won't eat healthy food. Put this on the counter and your family will almost certainly eat it!

We strongly advocate eating nuts on a daily basis. In fact there is strong evidence indicating a correlation between nuts and longevity. The problem is that most Americans eat heavily salted oil roasted nuts that are far from organic.

We love Hermits mix as it contains incredibly healthy walnuts and pine nuts which are rich in trace minerals alongside of goji berrys and longan fruit (a lesser known Asian fruit). This mix is delicious and doesn't need any salt or oil as it is PERFECT. We find ourselves wanting it in a bowl of oatmeal or by itself in multiple handfuls. The benefits of the individual ingredients are fantastic but this mix allows the optimal blend of the best quality at an affordable price. Buy more than one bag as you will wish you had ordered more!

Traditional Functions:

Tonifies Qi, Blood, Yin JingYang Jing and Shen. Beautifies the skin and brightens the eyes, supports sexual function. Excellent energy food.


6oz. Bag


Goji berries, Longan fruit, Walnuts, and Pine nuts.


Everyone can use it.  

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