Precision Water Distiller 8-5

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Precision Water Distiller 8-5

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Brand: Precision Water Systems

Why continue buying bottles water in plastic bottles? Why not install a water system in your home that can fulfill all of your water needs, from drinking, to cooking, to washing produce, to much more.

The Precision Water Distiller Model 8-5 is an automatic unit. It plugs into your water line and auto fills. It's a convenient unit for an individual or a 2 person family with a 5 gallon holding tank.

We recommend pairing Anderson Mineral Drops with your distilled water. This product pair is a great way to ensure you are getting the minerals you need in the cleanest water possible.

Precision Water Disiller 8-5

Precision Water Distiller Model 8-5 is an automatic unit. It plugs into your water line and auto fills. Like all of the Precision Water Distillers, it is made of high quality stainless steel.  The Precision Model 8-8 distills 8 gallons of water in a 24 hour period of time and has a 5 gallon holding tank.

Renewed Health Supply carries Precision Water Distillers. Every household in the world has contaminated water being used for drinking; unless they are using the only proven way to purify, DISTILLATION. That means billions of people are daily consuming bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals (minerals) which are accumulating in their bodies. Distillation provides a sure way of removing - consistently, economically, and most effectively - the entire spectrum of water contaminants. With distillation you will no longer worry about chlorine, bacteria such as giardia and cryptosporidium, lead and aluminum from your pipes, or pesticides. Yes you do need a distiller. No question about it. The only question is when you will decide to quit consuming toxic water.

Ryan Krumroy, our owner/founder, wrote an article about why steam distillation is the best method of water purification.  Read that article here.

We believe that a Precision Water Distiller is the best on the market. Precision Water Distillers are built of stainless steel construction with a high gloss finish


Additional Information

Distilling Capacity 8 Gallons in 24 hours
Holding Tank 5 Gallons
Size 22.75" high. 17.5" wide, 12" deep
Electrical 120 Volts, 9.2 AMPS, 1100 Watts
Shipping Weight 39 lbs
Shipping FREE
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