Don't ruin your recovery simply by choosing the wrong juicer. This juicer is built to last a lifetime and provide the most health promoting juice possible. The Champion Juicer simply shreds the produce into a paste consistency then the user places it in a hydraulic press to completely extract even the slightest drop of liquid out.

The extraction of juice involves no magnets to worry about cellular alteration. The Manual Press by the Juice Factory is a durable press which is easy to transport, and produces the creamiest, tastiest juice you will ever have. Both of the Juice presses have stainless steel juice pans and press plates however the 100% stainless unit is just that, 100% for that different look.

The Manual Press comes with juice cloths necessary for pressing juice. Both the Champion and Manual Press come with well documented instruction manuals. The Champion and Manual Press operate on a well-documented method that is utilized by the Gerson Institute and thoroughly tested by Dr. Norman Walker, the father of juicing (lived to 118).

Before spending $2000 on the competition, call and we'll give you even more reasons to choose the Champion/Manual Combination. The grinder/press type juicer is absolutely vital for anyone trying to conquer illness. Juicing is an easy way to get large amounts of nutrients absorbed into one's body.

Discover for yourself why so many are finding new life in juicing with the Champion and Press. Build your life with the best and you will be glad you did.

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