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Humasoak Peat Humic and Fulvic Detox Bath Preparation

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The humic acid in HumaSoak helps to conditions the skin while the fulvic acid crosses into the subcutis layer and helps decrease inflammation (traditional use) and detoxify.

Humasoak bath is a therapeutic soaking remedy based on proven balneotherapy principles. Familiar practices include mud baths, peat therapy, mineral springs, torf or moor therapy. The aim of these treatments is to stimulate the circulatory process, including lymph and blood circulation, enhance the immune system and increase/accelerate cell activity. Ancient Greeks (as documented by Hippocrates) and the Chinese have successfully used balneotherapy for hundreds of years; and double blind research on the effectiveness of such therapy has been published as far back as the mid 1800s by Lersch. Recently, scientists have discovered that the benecial essences of balneotherapy treatments are actually the humic and fulvic acid molecules (found in peat and specic mud deposits). The humic acid in HumaSoak helps to conditions the skin while the fulvic acid crosses into the subcutis layer and helps decrease inflammation (traditional use) and detoxify.

How It Works: Experience profound effects both externally and internally! Detoxication of the body is made possible by fulvic acids’ free-radical scavenging ability. Through open receptor cites the molecule can bind and displace damaging oxidizing agents such as heavy metal and toxic molecules. Improved metabolic functions from using HumaSoak will lead to; stimulation of the immune system, promotion of circulation, help with relaxation (stress reduction), and acceleration in dissolving fat cells that store toxins. Traditionally humic acids have been used as an anti-inammatory for relief of symptoms from chronic aches, pains, and strains.

Home Rejuvenation: While a one-time spa treatment can be over $100, a typical HumaSoak application is under $1.00 per treatment. HumaSoak is derived from ancient humus deposits and is more stable than peat or mud with higher a humic and fulvic acid ratio. It is easy to use at home and makes an excellent companion with body work, including massage, chiropractic and yoga or use anytime to boost spirits.

Ingredients: HumaSoak is made with premium, naturally formed humic substances found within the United States.

Dosage: Use one heaping teaspoon for average size bath tub (35 gallons). A 50 Gallon tub would require two teaspoons-one tablespoon. The color of the bath will be similar to tea or weak coffee. If you do not have chlorine-free water add D-Chlor-N-8 rst and let settle for a moment before adding HumaSoak (or you can purchase food grade dechlorination products at most aquarium stores). May be used with organic essential oils.

Therapeutic Instructions: Use HumaSoak nine times in the rest three weeks (three times per week). Use 1-2 times a week thereafter for maintenance. Immediately after soaking avoid excess activity and drink plenty of water. Count on relaxing for ½-1 hour, preferably lying down, post bath. HumaSoak is great used in the evening when all the day’s work is completed. While a small snack is advised, do not soak immediately after full meals. During the soaking period, blood flow used for digestion is directed away from the digestive system and into the extremities. It may lead to discomfort if used on a full stomach.

CAUTION: Read all instructions. Please consult a physician prior to use if you have any contraindications to hot water which may include : serious disorders of the central nervous system, pregnancy, heart condition, fever, serious inammatory skin diseases, heat sensitivity, open skin injury, or bleeding. If you feel too hot and/or dizzy while soaking carefully exit the bath. Periodic monitoring of pulse, oral temperature, and duration of treatment is recommended for people sensitive to hot water. A quick spike in pulse within the first one-three minutes is a contraindication to treatment. When doing a series of treatments, slowly increase the duration of treatments from 7-8 minutes for the first treatment up to, but not exceeding, twenty minutes per session.

• Clean and disinfect tub/soaking tank before use with natural cleansers. Rinse well so that no residue remains. Run bath at preferably 105, but not exceeding 110 degrees F. If these temperatures can’t be tolerated, start lower and tolerance may improve each session. Therapeutic salts or ORGANIC essential oils may be added to the bath. DO NOT USE solvent extracted essential oils, as solvents may be harmful. Avoid use with chlorine or chloramines. Add D-Chlori-N-8 from BioAg (after tub is filled) or use a dechlorination filter/product if needed

• While the bathtub is filling, prepare a place to lie down and relax after treatment. Sweating is an important part of the detox treatment, so have suitable clothes or blankets ready. You will need to stay warm and comfortable for 1/2 to 1 hour to gain all the benefits of the detoxifying soak. Avoid drafts. Fluids lost from sweating will need to be replaced, so prepare a glass of warm water for the post-bath area (It is important to hydrate both before and after the soak) Avoid cold water, as it will shock your system. Do not drink caffeine at this time, as your heart rate will already increase from the hot bath.

• After the tub has filled (and been dechlorinated if need be), dissolve recommended dosage into the hot water. Slip in immediately and enjoy the experience! If you start feeling light headed, get out of the tub immediately! It is often a sign that your detox level has reached a maximum for the session. Be careful getting out of the tub. You could feel tired from the treatment. Have someone help you if needed. Lay down for 1/2 to 1 hour wrapped in towels, warm robe or blankets. Considering putting on socks to further trap in body heat.

• When finished relaxing, rinse off with warm water to remove the secreted toxins from your skin. Do not use soap or shampoo for 12 hours.

Note: HumaSoak will NOT stain bath or towels and can be beneficial for drains and pipes. If using in jacuzzi, hot tub, or whirlpool remove the filter to avoid potential clogging. Used bath water can be safely released down the drain or, for the eco-minded, apply it to lawn and landscape for beneficial soil conditioning.

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