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22 Reishis

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Dragon Herbs 22 Reishis is a super-concentrated tincture containing some of the best wild reishi ever made into one commercial product

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On a recent trip to China, Ron Teeguarden spent some significant time at the renowned Shaolin Temple. While the Shaolin Temple is known for its warrior Kung Fu master monks, it is also a little known fact that for 1500 years it has also been the home of healing monks immersed in highly complex herbalism. These healing monks have used tonic herbs to foster physical, spiritual, and mental benefit under a deep reverence for the gift of these herbs.

On this trip Ron was introduced to a number of unfamiliar tonic mushrooms which turned out to be multiple species of wild reishi mushrooms. Reishi is and has been our favorite tonic mushroom. It is quite simply one of our favorite products we sell.

Ron collected a sizeable variety of these multiple wild reishis and combined them to create a truly superb tonic called 22 Reishis. This is a super-concentrated tincture containing some of the best wild reishi ever made into one commercial product. This special product is for the serious individual that is focused on building Jing, Chi, and Shen yet also recognizes that the immune modulating adaptive function of high grade reishi is top tier.

Enjoy what is truly a world class reishi extraction while you can! It may not be available for long. Ingredients: Ganoderm Sinensis, Wild Ganoderma capense (L. Loyd) Teng, Wild Fomes fomentarius, Wild Red Reishi, Wild White Reishi, Phellinus igniarius ex Fr, phellin uspini (Pine Tree Reishi mushroom), Chaga (Inonobus obliquus(Fr.) Pilat, Wild Purple Reishi, Wild Stemless Reishi, Wild Purple Reishi with backward stem, Wild Bamboo Reishi, Ganoderma applanatum (pers) pat, Wild Blood Reishi, Wild Corriolus, wild beehive Reishi, Fuscoporia punctate(Fr.) Cunn, Bamboo Reishi, Duanwood Reishi, Corriolus, Purple Reish.


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Wild Ganoderma lucidum (Changbai Mountain Red Reishi), wild Purple Reishi, wild Purple Reishi  with backward stem, wild Ganoderma lucidum (Heaven Mountain Antler-Shaped Reishi), wild Ganoderma sinensis (Black Reishi), wild Ganoderma capense, wild Fomes fomentarius, wild White Reishi, wild Phellinus igniarius, wild Phellinus uspini (Pine Tree Reishi), wild Inonotus obliquus (Siberian Chaga), wild Stemless Reishi, wild Bamboo Reishi, wild Ganoderma applanatum, wild Blood Reishi, wild Coriolus versicolor (Changbai Mountain), wild Beehive Reishi, Fuscoporia punctate, wild Mongolian Reishi, Wild Tibetan Reishi, wild Shaolin Temple Reishi Type 1 (large red), wild Shaolin Temple Type 2 (small brown), Wild Yunnan Reishi.

Other Ingredients: water, alcohol.


1-6 droppers per day or as desired.

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