Ryan and I have been in the health arena since 1998.  We started Renewed Health Supply before we were even married and I was still in college.

Having lived in the alternative health space for almost 20 years, we have experienced quite a bit.  We have lived a healthy lifestyle that whole time, even before it was the cool thing to do.

Until recently, we were happy with our supplements, our water, our air, and our diets.  What was missing was a fitness piece.

FamilyFast forward to January of 2016.  Our youngest child was 1 year old and we were living a pretty sedentary lifestyle.  I was still holding all my pregnancy weight and was very unhappy.  As a busy mom of 3, going to the gym wasn't an option.  I needed to find something I could do from home.

We looked around a little and that is when we found Beachbody.  I started with PIYO and quickly transitioned to Focus T25. With Ryan This intense cardio program is made up of 25 minute workouts that I could do while the baby napped.

Since then I have finished a couple rounds of T25 and some of the other programs and have lost 40 lbs.

While I was looking to primarily lose weight, Ryan was looking for some strength and flexibility.  What better way to do that than incorporate yoga into his daily routine.  Ryan also runs a very tight schedule and so these 30 - 45 minute yoga programs that he could do in our office worked perfectly for him as well.


IMG_4463[1]Now that I am at my goal weight and living this life of health AND fitness, it only made sense to add Health and Fitness coaching to the ways that our family can help people become healthier versions of themselves.

IMG_4151[1]So what does that mean for you, our valued Renewed Health Supply customers?  It means that we now have an additional service we can offer.  We can help you get started with your workout plans today. And since Beachbody offers so many different programs, we can custom fit a program to you.

You can fillout this form or you can email Tracey directly at tracey@renewedhealth.com.