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  • The Three Treasures of Dragon Herbs

    The Three Treasures of Dragon Herbs

    In ancient times, a concept rose in China that has great meaning today. The Three Treasures are said to be the secret of happiness, long life, and good health. It provides the framework to your own journey toward radiant health. Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs products are rich and formulated along these Treasures to achieve balance in one’s life. So what are these Three Treasures and what supplements contain these concepts of tonic herbalism? We have your answers:


    Jing, otherwise known as “Essence”, is seen as the foundation of reproduction, development, and growth. It is the primal energy of life and its closely associated with the aging process. Jing is a blend of Yin and Yang energy and is said to be stored in the Kidneys. It is also said to maintain control over numerous primary human functions such as, the power and clarity of mind, reproductive organs, and your physical structure.

    Jing is spent by the body itself, but excessively by acute stress and being overworked. Jing tonics are used to replace the energy spent by these excessive behaviors and can also be built up for future use.

    Luckily, Ron Teeguarden’s formulas and herbal combinations mend this great treasure together with ultimate herbs. Dragon Herb Deer Antler Drops contain the “big three” dietary supplements of China - Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom, and Deer Antler. These have been used in ancient times to improve energy, protect the body, prolong life, and promote wisdom. Not used to treat any disease or sickness, Deer Antler Drops support radiant health and a normal healthy life. Considered a Yang Jing herb, it tonifies Yin Jing, Blood, Qi, and Shen, which is all three treasures.


    The “energy” or “life force” treasure is known as Qi. Key to Chinese medicine, Qi is the vital energy of the body. We all need Qi on a daily basis. This tonic supplies the energy needed to support our immune system in protecting our bodies against aliments. Qi tonics, composed of blood tonics, increase our ability to fully function. This strengthens our digestive, respiratory, and assimilative functions. These tonics improve the quality of energy and blood flowing through our system, which leads to an increase in physical and mental life.

    Sung Jin Park, Ron Teeguarden's Taoist mentor, stated Qi as:


    "The invisible life force which enables the body to think and perform voluntary movement. The power of Qi can be seen in the power that enables a person to move and live. It can be seen in the movement of energy in the cosmos and in all other movements and changes. Qi circulates through the twelve meridians, the energy circuitry of the body, to nourish and preserve the inner organs."


    Qi tonics and Dragon Herbs Qi Drops is the quintessential Qi tonic formulation, which Chinese herbalism is rich in.  Qi Drops contain an outstanding number of leading Qi supertonics used in Chinese tonic herbalism, including Ginseng,Astragalus, Gynostemma, Codonopsis, Tibetan Rhodiola, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) and more. This very powerful formula can increase Qi production in the body by helping to strengthen the functions of the lungs and digestive system.


    Shen is the “Spirit” and the “Mind”. It is ultimately the most important because it addresses the higher nature of human beings. Masters of Chinese descent say that Shen is the “all-embracing love” that take place in our heart. This great treasure is responsible for cognition, emotional life, consciousness, and presence. Therefore it is responsible for things we do on the daily basis, such as thinking, feeling, and planning. It is our ability to view all sides of any issue and determine the good and the bad. It is also determined to a be a yang entity that is rooted in a yin substance, which is blood.

    Dragon herbs 8 Immortals is an ideal example of a supertonic formulations that builds all Three Treasures and helps regulate all the organ systems. This product is found to boost chi while also centering Shen tonic of the highest level. Containing 8 of the premier herbal substances known to mankind, this formula is made with premium wild Chinese Ginseng, wild American Ginseng, Duanwood Reishi, wild mountain Reishi, pure Cordyceps, wild Tibetan Rhodiola, wild Schizandra, Goji, wild Snow Lotus and premium grade He Shou Wu. Super concentrated, this herbal formulation has anti-aging, spirit lifting, immune strengthening, and mind strengthening qualities.

    Your key to radiant health and longevity are these Three Treasures. As the giver, the breath, and the light of life, this essence of Chinese Medicine is your step forward into a complete system that will ensure your keeping your body, mind and spirit, in balance and harmony. If you are interested in more Jing, Qi, and Shen products, Renewed Health Supply is your center for Dragon Herbs and nutritional supplements. Start living your best life today!

  • Your Champion Juicer Recipes

    Champion Juicer Recipes

    Is there anything better than starting your day of with a healthy and refreshing juice? I think not! Not only is juicing beneficial for your overall health, but it provides you will the essential nutrients your body needs to perform. If you have been indecisive about wanting to buy a juicer, let us change your mind.

    Here at Renewed Health Supply we rely on the Champion Juicer to produce our daily juices. The Champion Juicer is a manual juice press. With the Champion Juicer it is built to give your juice the best consistency. It provides you with the creamiest and tastiest juice on the market. There is no need to search for another juicer, the Champion Juicer is tried and true to the core. You can count on the Champion Juicer to last a lifetime.

    Juicing is such an easy way to give your body all the nutrients you miss in your daily diet while combating daily illness at the same time. There is no need to deprive your body of its essential nutrients ever again. Not only does juicing provide you with nutrients but it is proven to brighten your whole mood throughout the day.

    Try juicing for yourself with these 5 fresh juice recipes to use with our popular Champion Juicer:


    1. Apple Carrot Celery and Kale Juice

    You know what they say, the more leafy greens you can fit into your daily juices the better. This juice is perfect for hydrating your body and skin while brightening your complexion. If you are looking to enhance your skin’s hydration then you should look into complimenting this juice with the Dragon Herbs Goji and Schizandra Drops. These drops have the properties to nourish your body at the deepest of levels. This recipe also provides you a big serving for you to enjoy. This is the perfect way to start off any day!



    4 Green Apples

    4 Large Carrots

    Bunch Curly Kale (8-10 Large Leaves)

    4 Large Stalks Celery


    This recipe was provided by https://lovingitvegan.com/apple-carrot-celery-and-kale-juice/

    2. Energizing Juice That Gives You Wings

    No need to have a coffee wake you up in the morning when this juice recipe exists! This energizing juice gives you everything you need to start off your day. This juice can also help kick start your daily workout regimen. It is super easy to pair this juice with Dragon Herbs Cultured Cordyceps Drops. These drops can provide your body with greater endurance for a better workout.  After you use this combination there is no excuse to miss going to the gym.



    1 medium beet (beetroot)

    1 cup (150 g) blueberries

    1 cucumber

    1 handful of spinach

    1 handful of arugula (rocket)


    This recipe was provided by  https://www.rebootwithjoe.com/energizing-juice-recipe/

    3. Pineapple Ginger Cleansing Juice

    Are you looking for a natural and healthy way to detox? Look no further than this delicious cleansing juice. This juice is rich in antioxidants to help gently detox your body. Pair this juice with the Synergy Company’s Barley Grass that can be found on our supplements page. This barley grass is organically grown and harvested at the peak of their enzyme content. It is perfect to start off a detox and add additional nutrients to your juices.



    3 cups fresh pineapple, peeled

    2 inches fresh ginger root, peeled

    3 pieces of turmeric

    1 lime, peeled


    This recipe was provided by https://www.theharvestkitchen.com/pineapple-ginger-cleansing-juice/


    4. Kid’s Green Juice

    Have kids that refuse to eat fruits and vegetables? Work them naturally into their diet with this healthy and kid proof juice recipe. Help your kids get a good variety of fruits in vegetables into their diet while having fun! Include them into your process of making the juice with our Champion Juicer, even kids can help out. You can compliment this juice with The Synergy Company Pure Synergy. This can provide your children with superfoods that are nutrient dense that will benefit their overall health!



    1 Bunch of Kale

    1 Crown of Broccoli

    1 Cucumber

    ¼ Pineapple (2 Spears)

    2 Apples


    This recipe is provided by https://wunder-mom.com/kid-approved-gree-juice/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=tailwind_tribes&utm_content=tribes

     5. The ‘Digestion Helper’ Juice

    If you are looking for a little help with your digestion while using all natural ingredients then look no further. This juice recipe has fruits and vegetables that help aid your digestive system and improve your overall health. This juice can be paired with The Synergy Company Pure Radiance C Powder form. This powder can be easily combined with a juice and contains many important health-enhancing and antioxidant benefits for your health.



    ¼ Pineapple

    1 Yellow Grapefruit

    1 Ruby Grapefruit

    1 Lemon

    1 Carrot

    This recipe is provided by https://www.rebootwithjoe.com/a-juice-recipe-that-supports-good-digestion/


    Are you ready to try out these juices for yourself? Check out our Champion Juicers at Renewed Health Supply. Don’t overspend on a juicer. Our Champion Juicers start at only $299, way below our competition prices. You can also pair every juice with one of our many supplements to give your juice an extra healthy kick to it.Check out our supplements page to find a perfect match to your juice. The possibilities are endless with the Champion Juicer!

  • Benefits of Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

    Spring Dragon Longevity Tea, a world famous tonic herbal tea, is considered to be the healthiest tea on earth. Its sweet organically grown Gynostemma leave give make it a wonderful tasting tea which contains the most famous of herbs known for promoting longevity and radiant health. The healthiest tea on earth is a pretty big title to hold, so what is the evidence behind it...


    This longevity tea contains six superior tonic herbs, Eleuthero root (“Siberian Ginseng), Goji berry, Schizandra berry, Astragalus root and Luo Han Guo fruit. Its five premier tonic herbs are extracted and concentrated into a paste, which is then soaked into the Gynostemma leaves to make this luxurious longevity tea.

    Energy and Peace

    Consumed daily, this powerful tonic tea is a double direction Qi tonic, which helps with energy during the long day, but it can also help relax and provide a restful sleep.  Qi is a vital energy that is held to animate the internal body. It is critical for not only daily energy, but for self-defense and exercise.

    Cholesterol Levels

    The basis of this tea, Gynostemma leaves, are helpful in helping maintain stable blood sugar levels, and, according to Japanese and Chinese studies, have shown to make improvements in cholesterol levels with its superior adaptogenic formula. Native to Southeast Asia, these leaves are known for its ability to prolong life, which gave it its reputation to be the “Herb of Immortality”.

    Heart Health

    Gynostemma has the broadest known range of saponins in the world, containing more than double the number of ginseng. Saponions elevate cardiovascular health due to their capabilities to lower cholesterol and body fat levels. This caffeine-free formula not only helps your heart and daily health, but it also supports healthy aging.

    Typical Use

    Easy and convenient to make, each bag creates 3-4 servings. After placing the powder into the hot water, wait 15 minutes for it to infuse before enjoying. Designed for daily consumption, this tea can be given to those young, old, healthy, and sick. Although, if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or consuming blood thinners, it is recommended that you speak to a health care professional before using.

    If you are ready for a long and healthy life, check out Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea at Renewed Health Supply. 

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