Water filters of all types, from simple carafe types, to carbon block, all the way to the highest quality reverse osmosis filters all have limitations


Filters require openings for the water to pass through. A filter that may capture 98% of lead in the water, may in turn remove 5% of the arsenic present.

Water distillers on the other hand work in a very different way. As a result they have the highest effectiveness in removing contaminates of any technology available. Water distillers not only remove organic contaminants but also radioactive isotopes, pharmaceutical traces in the water supply (of which there are a LOT), bacterial contaminates, viruses. They do all that without exposing yourself to plastic compounds synthetic filter media or glues.

Water Distillers also don’t drop in their effectiveness ratings as filters do with age. In other words your distiller doesn’t drop 30-40% in its removing like a filter does. You simply cannot get the complex chemical slurry removed from your water without a distiller.

Many of our customers have the impression that their bottled water delivery service is an adequate solution. This option has many flaws too. First off the water is stored in PLASTIC, long-term storage in plastic regardless of whether it is BPA free plastic is not advised. Water, especially pure water, will leach from plastic jugs.

The water coolers found in countless homes and offices often harbor algaes that are rarely cleaned. In addition, they are constructed out of less than desirable materials.


The high upfront cost of investing in a quality distiller will quickly be paid back from the savings of bottled water as well. Home distilled water is the purest water available and a quality distiller will last for many, many years.