What is Synergy Company Bone Renewal?


Let's take a look inside!

Throughout your life it is critically important that your bones are strong, healthy, and kept in good nutrition - this requires quite a bit more than just basic calcium supplements or a lot of milk. This is precisely why the Synergy Company Bone Renewal formula includes not only the highest quality calcium, but also combines three types of extensively researched bio-organic nutrients. This combination provides a natural, comprehensive solution for keeping bones healthy and ensuring skeletal longevity.

Every single one of the 13 key nutrients is hand picked from sustainable, water and land based sources to capture natures true nutritional, restorative, and vital powers. The formula for Synergy Bone Renewal includes the precise amount of each nutrient as optimized by clinical research. Each batch carries the perfect size and quality - no skimping!



Plant Based Bio Organic Calcium Ingredient

As many would know, calcium plays an integral role in positive health. It keeps our heart beat steady, ensures the central nervous system is fueled, supports our joint and ligament health, keeps skin refreshed. Most importantly though, it keeps our teeth and bones healthy. Given the important role calcium plays it is not only essential we consume adequate amounts but also that it be of a high quality. The Synergy Bone Renewal formula does precisely those things - it combines two quality and bio sustainable natural forms of calcium. These include Icelandic Red Algae and Japanese White Sesame Seeds.


Bio Organic Magnesium

Just like calcium, magnesium is 100% essential to ensure bone health and growth, as well as being used in hundreds of bodily processes. It too keeps the heart healthy by directing calcium to the bones and working to prevent buildup in soft tissues which can cause hardening of venous systems.  Synergy Bone Renewal provides three all natural sources of magnesium including Dead Sea Concentrate, Brown Rice Chelated Dead Sea Concentrate, and Icelandic Red Algae.

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