We recently wrote about the benefits of juicing.  We know that a juicer is an investment.  When purchasing a juicer, make sure that you find one that can be used for multiple purposes.  Not only will it make the investment more economical, but it will be another way to get healthy foods into your diet.

???????????????At Renewed Health Supply, we carry the Champion Juicer.  The Champion Juicer has a solid piece that can be subbed in for the juicing screen.  This allows you to use the Champion Juicer more as a grinder.  There is also a homogenizing body that can be purchased to turn the Champion Juicer into a grinder.

When the Champion Juicer is turned into a grinder, it can be used to make things like baby food and nut butters.  Why not use it to make your next batch of hummus.  Since it homogenizes, it is a better choice for a smoother consistency.  The powerful motor of the Commercial Champion juicer means that your food will be heated less than your average blender of food processor, thus leaving more of the nutrients in your food.

Check out this video for a few recipes and examples.

Champion Juicer Grain MillIn addition to using the Champion Juicer to homogenize foods like nuts and beans, you can use the grain mill attachment to make flours.  But what is the benefit of grinding your own flours? First of all, you need to think about the freshness of the flour.  Do you ever worry about how long the flour has been on the shelves of the grocery store?  When you grind your own flour, you can know how long it has been around and can guarantee freshness.  Are you gluten free?  You can make flour out of all different kinds of grains.  Try grinding garbanzos to make garbanzo bean flour.  Never worry about gluten contamination when you have the control of the equipment that makes the flours.

All of these extra functions are great uses of the Champion Juicer, but don't forget to keep on juicing!