• Butter Oil Is Nutrient-Dense—Naturally

    Written  By Claire Viadro PhD  June 4, 2019

    “We have used our scientific knowledge largely to change nature’s foods and thereby have defeated nature’s law of growth and health. The primitives cooperate with nature where we do not.”

    ~ Dr. Weston A. Price


    In his travels around the world to study traditional diets, Dr. Weston A. Price made the signal discovery that a substance he came to refer to as “high-vitamin” butter oil had exceptional nutritional value. Dr. Price found that nutrient-dense butter oil, especially when paired with cod liver oil, helped many of his patients improve their dental and overall health.

    Dr. Price’s research highlighted one important caveat: the butter oil needed to come from grass-fed cows, and the grass needed to be rapidly growing green grass. His book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, also suggested that related factors such as altitude and season might play a role in priming butter oil for nutrient density. Describing Swiss villagers living in the Alpine Loetschental Valley, for example, Dr. Price noted that their high-altitude dairy samples contained a much higher vitamin content than commercial samples from lower regions.The Alpine villagers, who exhibited “some of the finest physiques in all Europe,” extolled the special “life-giving” qualities of June butter, in particular—“made when the cows eat the grass near the snow line.”


    Life-giving dairy

    Fast-forward to the present. Dairy scientists who are studying a “rock star” fatty acid found in the milk and meat of ruminants—conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)—have affirmed that products derived from pastured ruminants offer unique health benefits.The impressive line-up of benefits from food-sourced CLA includes “dramatic” and “unequivocal” cancer prevention effects (operating through a broad range of mechanisms and “potent” even at extremely low levels of CLA), anti-diabetic effects, and a positive influence on bone formation and weight management.3

    It is important to note that synthetic CLA does not confer the same benefits and, in fact, may actually increase disease risks.Recognizing that foods with a naturally rich CLA content are the “safe alternatives,”some researchers are, therefore, calling for beef and dairy foods to be designated as “functional foods”—that is, foods that promote optimal health.As we will see in the rest of this article, there is ample reason to include properly produced and prepared butter oil in this pantheon of functional foods.


    CLA and the rumen

    There are multiple forms of CLA, but the main form present in ruminant animal products is rumenic acid (RA).7The name provides a direct clue as to where this form of CLA is produced—in the rumen of cows and other ruminant animals. Through the action of fermentative rumen bacteria, linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) gets converted into CLA.Because this occurs as part of a lengthier chain of events, experts describe CLA/RA as a “metabolic intermediate” of the rumen bacteria while noting the important role of this symbiotic process in animal health and longevity.9

    Vaccenic acid (VA) is another precursor of CLA and is the main naturally occurring trans fatty acid in milk fat. As with CLA, research shows that vaccenic acid likely has beneficial health effects, including anti-carcinogenic effects10and protection against metabolic syndrome and intestinal inflammatory diseases.11  As long ago as the 1940s, a group of researchers isolated vaccenic acid content as the reason that butter fat had “superior nutritive value” compared to vegetable oils.12

    Humans may be capable of converting some linoleic acid to CLA, but to a far lesser extent than ruminants—and only if individuals have a supremely healthy gut.13 Consequently, consumers should appreciate products from pastured ruminants as offering a treasure trove of benefits that are difficult to access in any other way. The research evidence bears this out: lactating women who consume large quantities of dairy products and beef have a significantly higher concentration of RA in their breast milk compared to women who consume little of these products.14  If Americans routinely substituted butter for margarine, their dietary RA intake would increase substantially.15


    The grass-fed difference

    Echoing Dr. Price’s observations, modern researchers have noted that the concentration of CLA in ruminant products varies widely according to what the animals eat.16  Grass-based diets create a more “favorable” rumen environment and facilitate “bacterial synthesis,”17 whereas feeding ruminants grain lowers the ruminal pH and promotes inflammatory disorders.18  Thus, the pastured piece of this picture is crucial—milk, cream and butter from ruminants who are 100% grass-fed have a CLA content that is as much as seven times higher than dairy products from feedlot animals!.19  Vitamin E and beta-carotene levels are also significantly higher in grass-fed dairy products. Fermentation (such as with kefir, yogurt, and cheese) boosts the CLA content still further.20 It is interesting to note that in Dr. Price’s day, substantially more dairy farms were pasture-based, and farms typically separated and clabbered (soured) their cream on the premises before transporting their products for sale.

    Recent research also confirms Dr. Price’s observations about altitude and season, showing that milk from “high altitude grazers” and from cows raised in cooler climates has a higher omega-3 and CLA content and that animals grazed at high altitudes “may produce the healthiest foods.”21


    Concentrated butter oil

    From the beginning, Green Pasture Products has taken pride in producing butter oil that adheres to the standards first established by Dr. Price.


    X-Factor™ Gold Concentrated Butter Oil is made from cows grazing on rapidly growing green grass and, in addition, takes into account factors such as speed of grass growth, timing of grazing, grass species, and season. Green Pasture also uses a gentle extraction process that concentrates the oil through centrifugation—just as Dr. Price did.

    Both CLA and vaccenic acid are fat-soluble. What this means is that when the butter oil is extracted, the valuable vaccenic acid and CLA present in the fat come along for the ride. Testing of Green Pasture’s concentrated butter oil confirms that CLA is prominent. As modern studies continue to praise butter naturally enriched with VA and RA as “worthy of further consideration as a ‘Functional Food,’” one can only marvel at Dr. Price’s ahead-of-his-time wisdom in recognizing the life-giving properties of grass-fed butter and concentrated butter oil so many decades ago.


    Products Containing X-Factor™ Gold Concentrated Butter Oil can be found here:




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  • The Three Treasures of Dragon Herbs

    The Three Treasures of Dragon Herbs

    In ancient times, a concept rose in China that has great meaning today. The Three Treasures are said to be the secret of happiness, long life, and good health. It provides the framework to your own journey toward radiant health. Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs products are rich and formulated along these Treasures to achieve balance in one’s life. So what are these Three Treasures and what supplements contain these concepts of tonic herbalism? We have your answers:


    Jing, otherwise known as “Essence”, is seen as the foundation of reproduction, development, and growth. It is the primal energy of life and its closely associated with the aging process. Jing is a blend of Yin and Yang energy and is said to be stored in the Kidneys. It is also said to maintain control over numerous primary human functions such as, the power and clarity of mind, reproductive organs, and your physical structure.

    Jing is spent by the body itself, but excessively by acute stress and being overworked. Jing tonics are used to replace the energy spent by these excessive behaviors and can also be built up for future use.

    Luckily, Ron Teeguarden’s formulas and herbal combinations mend this great treasure together with ultimate herbs. Dragon Herb Deer Antler Drops contain the “big three” dietary supplements of China - Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom, and Deer Antler. These have been used in ancient times to improve energy, protect the body, prolong life, and promote wisdom. Not used to treat any disease or sickness, Deer Antler Drops support radiant health and a normal healthy life. Considered a Yang Jing herb, it tonifies Yin Jing, Blood, Qi, and Shen, which is all three treasures.


    The “energy” or “life force” treasure is known as Qi. Key to Chinese medicine, Qi is the vital energy of the body. We all need Qi on a daily basis. This tonic supplies the energy needed to support our immune system in protecting our bodies against aliments. Qi tonics, composed of blood tonics, increase our ability to fully function. This strengthens our digestive, respiratory, and assimilative functions. These tonics improve the quality of energy and blood flowing through our system, which leads to an increase in physical and mental life.

    Sung Jin Park, Ron Teeguarden's Taoist mentor, stated Qi as:


    "The invisible life force which enables the body to think and perform voluntary movement. The power of Qi can be seen in the power that enables a person to move and live. It can be seen in the movement of energy in the cosmos and in all other movements and changes. Qi circulates through the twelve meridians, the energy circuitry of the body, to nourish and preserve the inner organs."


    Qi tonics and Dragon Herbs Qi Drops is the quintessential Qi tonic formulation, which Chinese herbalism is rich in.  Qi Drops contain an outstanding number of leading Qi supertonics used in Chinese tonic herbalism, including Ginseng,Astragalus, Gynostemma, Codonopsis, Tibetan Rhodiola, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) and more. This very powerful formula can increase Qi production in the body by helping to strengthen the functions of the lungs and digestive system.


    Shen is the “Spirit” and the “Mind”. It is ultimately the most important because it addresses the higher nature of human beings. Masters of Chinese descent say that Shen is the “all-embracing love” that take place in our heart. This great treasure is responsible for cognition, emotional life, consciousness, and presence. Therefore it is responsible for things we do on the daily basis, such as thinking, feeling, and planning. It is our ability to view all sides of any issue and determine the good and the bad. It is also determined to a be a yang entity that is rooted in a yin substance, which is blood.

    Dragon herbs 8 Immortals is an ideal example of a supertonic formulations that builds all Three Treasures and helps regulate all the organ systems. This product is found to boost chi while also centering Shen tonic of the highest level. Containing 8 of the premier herbal substances known to mankind, this formula is made with premium wild Chinese Ginseng, wild American Ginseng, Duanwood Reishi, wild mountain Reishi, pure Cordyceps, wild Tibetan Rhodiola, wild Schizandra, Goji, wild Snow Lotus and premium grade He Shou Wu. Super concentrated, this herbal formulation has anti-aging, spirit lifting, immune strengthening, and mind strengthening qualities.

    Your key to radiant health and longevity are these Three Treasures. As the giver, the breath, and the light of life, this essence of Chinese Medicine is your step forward into a complete system that will ensure your keeping your body, mind and spirit, in balance and harmony. If you are interested in more Jing, Qi, and Shen products, Renewed Health Supply is your center for Dragon Herbs and nutritional supplements. Start living your best life today!

  • The History of Ron Teeguarden's Dragon Herbs

    Widely recognized as the one of the premier herbalist in America, Ron Teeguarden and cofounder, Yanlin, lead the market with in Chinese tonic herbs with their product of Dragon Herbs that have been used for decades to promote longevity and radiant health. As a translator of Eastern philosophy and healthcare techniques, Ron has spent years teaching and spreading the word of proactive holistic care for your body rather than remedial measure when you become ill.
    Ron looks toward his numerous senior phyto-pharmaceutical scientists around the world to provide him with information and knowledge on the location of the most exclusive herbs available and he also is a player within the manufacturing of hundreds of herbal formulations. While Ron is developing and exploring new herbal remedies, his wife and partner, Yanlin, runs the operation by overseeing the production of formulas made by Dragon Herbs and is the mind behind the beauty and “look” of Dragon Herbs stores and more.
    Throughout his journeys to learn and spread the word of the concept of “radiant health”, his influence toward others has built Ron's reputation as one of the foremost herbalist and began developing and commercializing the herbal product lines. He has spent time learning in China, Japan, Central Asia, the Himalayas, and many other countries around the world searching for the ultimate sources of tonic herbs which is a stark contrast to most companies which simply buy herbs from brokers based on weight. His concept of “radiant health” stems from the three levels of herbal practice in China. The lowest level being medicinal based on medicinal herbs, that treat diseases and other disorders that are prescribed by medical practitioners. These herbs are powerful, but can have significant side effects if they are used incorrectly.
    The next level is general herbalism where herbs are used to prevent sickness, pain, and battle weaknesses. The last level, Ron Teeguarden's speciality, utilizes superior herbs, also known as “tonics”. These “longevity herbs of China” build your system as a whole by creating greater balance, adaptability, resistance, and radiant health. Superior or Tonic herbs are rare and limited in number but are herbs that are meant to be used throughout life. Although his studies and philosophy originated in Asia, Dragon Herbs does not limit itself to herbs only found in
    China. Herbal remedies grow in many places around the world, including but not limited to, Himalayas, Mongolia, Africa, and South America.
    Using these multiple levels of herbs, Ron has formulated and developed herbal products that promote a natural living style and with his reputation, knowledge, and drive to spread the word of the benefits of tonic herbalism, he created the company of Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs. Dragon Herbs base all of their services of the foundations of Superior Herbalism or more commonly known as ‘tonic herbalism”. The principles of tonic herbalism are time tested and are supported by modern science and theories of healthy aging.
    Dragon Herbs also focuses on the concept of balancing Jing, Qi, and Shen. Providing deep long term reserve energy, Jing tonics provide the energy that is fundamental to life. Qi tonics are important to the maintenance of every health and vitality. It can improve overall functioning, ability to handle stress, and help regulate immune activity.  Shen tonics tend to nourish and develop the stability of mind and human spirit. It can provide the feeling of peace, awareness, and a deeply centered calm nature.
    Are you ready to live a happier and holistic lifestyle? There is no better place to start than the the most cost efficient herbal products found at Renewed Health’s collection of Dragon Herb products. Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea is bound to have you feeling clean and radiant and is a step forward toward a healthy long life.
  • Where To Find The Cheapest Prices On Dragon Herbs

    What Are Dragon Herbs?

    Promoting healthy herbs and a holistic lifestyle, Dragon Herbs id the leader in Chinese herbalism. Focusing on the concept of balancing Jing, Qi, and Shen to provide deep long term reserve energy, Dragon Herbs supplies over 1000 herbal formulations made from the highest quality herbs to guide you on a path to achieve glowing health. By supplying tonic herbs and superfoods, Dragon Herbs hopes to serve your needs to achieve your most radiant health.

    Where Can I find Dragon herbs?

    Several online retail stores sell these products in both a one time purchase and a subscription. Within our research we have found that Renewed Health is by far the most “bang for your buck”, With high quality and low prices, Renewed Health has no competition when it comes to their Dragon Herbs products.

    Where To Buy Dragon Herbs For The Best Price:

    Here are a list of several online retail shops that supply Dragon Herb products:


    1. Renewed Health-  Only the highest quality products are featured with prices that are the lowest and best within the market. They are an avid supplier of Dragon Herbs, juicers, and nutritional supplements. Selling individual products and bundles of Dragon Herb products, prices range from $8.75 and $113.98. If you are looking for the cheapest prices on Dragon Herbs especially with the auto-shipping options this is definitely the place to shop.

    2. iHerb- Coming in at a 1.1% price increase from the cheapest supplier, iHerb supplies over 1,200 brands and 30,000 brand name products that you can also find at health food stores and pharmacies that sell natural products.


    1. Holistic People-  Focusing on wellness products at a 1.33% increase from the lowest supplier, Holistic People supplies organic, vegan, and supplements. They are sell herbs, superfoods, and kitchen appliances.


    1. Vitacost-  Supplies products including supplements, vitamins, health foods, sports nutrition, beauty, home, and products for your pets. Typical range of Dragon Herb products start at $8.54 to $93.82. Vitacost has a 3.2% increase of prices from the lowest supplier.


    1. Dragon Herb’s- Supplying and manufacturing Dragon Herb products to be placed in retailers worldwide, Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs comes in at a 6.25% increase from the cheapest supplier.

    Why Buy From Renewed Health Supply?

    Family owned and operated since 1998, Renewed Health was created to have a place where all the major aspects of health could be met without having to go to many sources and worry about compromising quality. Focusing on products that fortify and strengthen the system of both the healthy and ill, they classify tonic herbs and incorporate a holistic lifestyle to build your most radiant health.With high quality, well researched, and fair prices, Renewed Health is your first and foremost supplier of Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs products.


  • It's GOJI Time! 10 Goji Berry Recipes That Will Change Your Life

    Goji Berries are among these foods that you can not escape nowadays. Called a super-food and recognized as an antioxidant power, Goji Berries are becoming ever more common in the last several decades.

    They're dried, reddish-pink berries, that flavor kind of dried leaves, come in the Himalayas and China, in which they have been consumed for centuries. Goji berries are high in vitamin C and vitamin E, are proven to help improve metabolism and therefore are recommended for treating diabetes and higher blood pressure, to mention a couple.

    However, while goji berries could possibly be a darling of the health planet now, not everybody knows precisely how to utilize them. We have got some fantastic suggestions for you. Or, it is possible to try out the powder variant for mixing or baking to tea, along with goji juice to drinking.

    Here are 10 recipes to get your started with this tasty & trendy superfood...

    1. Vanilla Almond Goji Berry Granola

    A Cozy Kitchen
    Get the Vanilla Almond Goji Berry Granola recipe from A Cozy Kitchen

    2. Goji Berry Biscotti

    From Buenos Aires to Paris
    Get the Goji Berry Biscotti recipe from From Buenos Aires to Paris

    3. Goji Berry Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache And Himalayan Pink Salt

    Dessert First Girl

    4. Superfood Berry Chia Breakfast

    Get the Superfood Berry Chia Breakfast recipe by Eat What’s Good from Food52

    5. Super Antioxidant Smoothie With Goji Berries

    For the Love of Food
    Get the Super Antioxidant Smoothie with Goji Berries recipe from For the Love of Food

    6. Almond Goji Berry Snacks

    Get the Almond Goji Berry Snacks recipe from Gormandize

    7. No-Bake Protein Goji Bar

    Get the No-Bake Protein Goji Bar recipe from Citronlimette

    8. Whole Wheat Granola Goji Muffins

    What’s For Lunch Honey?
    Get the Whole Wheat Granola Goji Muffins recipe from What’s For Lunch Honey?

    9. Goji Power Balls

    Anja’s Food 4 Thought
    Get the Goji Power Balls recipe from Anja’s Food 4 Thought

    10. Goji Berry Pistachio Granola Bars

    May I Have That Recipe

    Get the Goji Berry Pistachio Granola Bars recipe from May I Have That Recipe
  • Synergy Company Bone Renewal Overview

    What is Synergy Company Bone Renewal?

    Let's take a look inside!

    Throughout your life it is critically important that your bones are strong, healthy, and kept in good nutrition - this requires quite a bit more than just basic calcium supplements or a lot of milk. This is precisely why the Synergy Company Bone Renewal formula includes not only the highest quality calcium, but also combines three types of extensively researched bio-organic nutrients. This combination provides a natural, comprehensive solution for keeping bones healthy and ensuring skeletal longevity.

    Every single one of the 13 key nutrients is hand picked from sustainable, water and land based sources to capture natures true nutritional, restorative, and vital powers. The formula for Synergy Bone Renewal includes the precise amount of each nutrient as optimized by clinical research. Each batch carries the perfect size and quality - no skimping!

    Plant Based Bio Organic Calcium Ingredient

    As many would know, calcium plays an integral role in positive health. It keeps our heart beat steady, ensures the central nervous system is fueled, supports our joint and ligament health, keeps skin refreshed. Most importantly though, it keeps our teeth and bones healthy. Given the important role calcium plays it is not only essential we consume adequate amounts but also that it be of a high quality. The Synergy Bone Renewal formula does precisely those things - it combines two quality and bio sustainable natural forms of calcium. These include Icelandic Red Algae and Japanese White Sesame Seeds.

    Bio Organic Magnesium

    Just like calcium, magnesium is 100% essential to ensure bone health and growth, as well as being used in hundreds of bodily processes. It too keeps the heart healthy by directing calcium to the bones and working to prevent buildup in soft tissues which can cause hardening of venous systems.  Synergy Bone Renewal provides three all natural sources of magnesium including Dead Sea Concentrate, Brown Rice Chelated Dead Sea Concentrate, and Icelandic Red Algae.

    Interested on our bone renewal supplement or more information? Check out the product here: Synergy Bone Renewal 

  • What is Goji Berry?

    Goji Berries are a super fruit - for more than 6,000 years, Goji Berries have been used by the Chinese and other cultures to treat a swath of ailments and conditions from promoting liver health to increasing bone strength and fighting off disease. Some say, it also helps to improve vision

    In recent years the United States has begun to import Goji Berry in an increasing quantity as people realize how healthy these berries really are. They are small, tart, yet sweet berries that are absolutely PACKED with antioxidants. One such antioxidant contained in the Goji Berry has been known to reduce risk of macular degeneration. Extract of Goji has also been known to reduce the risk of cancer cells and lower cholesterol.

    Most Goji Berries available in the United States are dried and resemble small, reddish colored raisins in size and feel. Many online distributors and local supplement stores sell a variety of Gojie products ranging from Dried Goji Berries, Goji Berry Juice, Extracts of Goji Berry, and Goji Berry Trail Mix.

    Quick Facts:

    • Goji Berries contain antioxidants  which potentially have cancer fighting and eye health protecting effects.
    • Goji Berries can be consumed in a variety of ways such as trail mix, extract mixed with daily shakes, or in other beverages such as tea.

    Goji Berries have been used for THOUSANDS of years by a host of cultures including much of the Asian countries. They are now readily available to anyone who wants to try their amazing effects and health benefits. There have not been many studies conducted those that have yielded positive results largely because of the high antioxidant content.

    Some common misspellings:

    Gojee, Gojey, Gojis, Gogy, Gojee, Gojei

  • What are the best ways to get healthy?

    Having been in business since 1998, we have noticed a large number of trends that have come and gone in the natural/alternative health circle. We have seen everything from some new exotic fruit that will supposedly cure your woes (Noni, mangosteen, acai,) to electrical devices that can supposedly cure cancer, to diets that run from raw vegan to paleo or high fat to no fat or low carb to no carb. Lots of absurdity peppered with some truth.

    The most distressing of all is that we constantly see people chasing after and spending good money on what is often nothing more than sexy marketing at the expense of embracing proven/time tested health benefitting concepts and products. Maybe there is something about American culture that results in the masses being distracted by the latest and greatest next miracle fix or maybe it is a universal phenomenon.

    In 2016 our encouragement to you would be to focus on finding the truth in all areas. There are hard truths in this world that apply, whether we embrace them or not. Here is my best advice I can give to help you start creating a new and healthier you.


    We know that populations thatSeventh Generation Cleaners have higher exposure to chemicals suffer compared to those in cleaner environments.

    1. Clean out your chemical exposure by buying organic produce.
    2. Get a good air purifier and put in quality furnace filters.
    3. Buy bed linens and at least a mattress cover that isn’t treated with fire retardants. At minimum buy an organic pillow and pillow case.
    4. Use truly green cleaning products.


    We know that diet really does matter.

    1. Focus on nutrient rich food but don’t forget that they still contain calories.
    2. Drink clean water, ideally distilled water, as the $8 filter on your fridge isn’t even close to adequate to get the industrial/pharmaceutical/chemical slurry out of your water.
    3. Eat more veggies. This might mean that you learn how to cook. Ask a vegetarian for ideas, as they certainly are not eating the volumes of steamed cabbage you may think they are but rather know how to make tasty veggies.
    4. Replace your salt and cooking oils with nutrient rich celtic sea salt and high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.
    5. Stop drinking low grade non organic coffee, lower your alcohol consumption or at least choose organic red wine when possible. Maybe even switch over to high quality green teas as we have grown to LOVE them and they really do have hard science supporting their benefits.
    6. Color does really matter.  When you look at your plate you should see the rainbow. Different colors of food include different phytonutrients.  Include a variety.



    We know that exercise makes a difference but it can’t make up for poor diet and lifestyle choices.

    1. Find something that you enjoy.
    2. Don’t ruin your joints in your choice.
    3. Remember that flexibility, blood flow, muscular strength, and regularity are all important.
    4. Keep in mind that exercise increases the circulation of what is in your blood stream whether it is nutrients or toxins.



    We know that detoxifying the body is really important. We have found that after all these years in business that maybe 1 out of every 200 of our customers is interested in cleansing the body properly. If you expect to live a long and healthy life don’t neglect this area.

    1. Use herbs to get your liver cleaned out and restored.
    2. Incorporate intermittent fasting.
    3. Get sweaty, saunas are legitimate and powerful ways to detox.
    4. Move your lymph whether through rebounding, a chi machine, or regular massage.



    We know that the mind and soul need nourishment. I can say that 99% of our customers are pleasant individuals and that folks that tend to focus on a healthy lifestyle are more disposed to pleasantness. Be aware of the fact that stress isn’t bad. In fact it makes us strong.  It builds fortitude. But don’t let it destroy you. In fact, find ways to nurture and stretch yourselves. A sermon at church that convicts and speaks to your soul should not be avoided but embraced. When God’s voice albeit difficult to hear at times seems to be calling at you from multiple angles; listen. Avoiding issues or ugly truths will destroy your health and your soul over time.



    We know that there is profound power within the time tested tonic herbs and superfoods. Ginseng, reishi, cod liver oil, algae, schizandra and countless others are powerful and restorative compounds. They have to be quality, concentrated, and significant enough in dose to impart benefit to the body but when used correctly are the single most beneficial substances one can utilize. Don’t waste your time and money on some multi-level product marketed by a friend at the expense of using proven tonic/superfoods.


    Finally, we know that our choices really do matter. Be empowered by the fact that all of you reading this have access to everything mentioned in this article. You should also be empowered by knowing that there are others out here and science that has validated these choices. Count yourself in the tiny ranks of humanity that have the ability to see the big picture and that you aren’t putting your life into a random mixing bowl of probability but are daily shifting towards either better or worse health in large part through your own choices. Most of all have fun. If you are going to make the shift then own it, get excited about it, don’t look towards others for validation or see yourself as an outcast but be who you want to be and try to help others when they ask or are open to it.

    Don't feel overwhelmed by the fads.  Just start with what we know.

    Happy and Healthy New Year!


  • What is the Best Fermented Cod Liver Oil Flavor for Children?

    It’s a great choice to give your children Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil from a very young age, beginning usually around 6 months. When a baby is still breast feeding or using a bottle, SONY DSCit is easiest to give them Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil by Green Pasture in the Cinnamon Tingle or the Oslo Orange flavor. The Cinnamon Tingle is a strong cinnamon flavor and can sometimes be considered spicy. The Oslo Orange flavor is not spicy but is not as strong in flavor and doesn’t mask the fishy flavor as well. It comes with a syringe. Starting with just a small amount of Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, 1 ml or less, put the syringe in the baby’s mouth and squirt it in. Immediately follow the squirt with either the breast or a bottle. Gradually work up to a dose of 2 ml for a baby younger than 1 year old, the dosage recommended by the Weston A Price Foundation.

    Once your child is old enough to eat off of a spoon with ease, it is recommended that they switch to Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend, also from Green Pasture. SONY DSCBlue Ice Royal comes in multiple flavors and it will take experimenting to find the flavor right for you. For children, we strongly recommend that you try either the Cinnamon Tingle or the Chocolate Cream. The Cinnamon Tingle Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a strong cinnamon, similar to that of Big Red gum. It does have a small amount of stevia in it for sweetness. The Chocolate Cream does not have any sweetness in it and wouldn’t be considered spicy. The Chocolate Cream Blue Ice Royal can be sweetened with a drop of honey if needed.

  • What is the Difference Between Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Regular Cod Liver Oil?

    When we started in business in 1998, there were a number of cod liver oil products on the market that were both high vitamin and high quality. The overwhelming majority of cod liver oil has historically been produced in northern Europe (Norway, Iceland, Denmark, etc) and that tradition continues today. In the early 2000’s many in the natural health field, including us at Renewed Health Supply, became concerned about a pending standardization of cod liver oil. Europe’s equivalent of the FDA had legislated a maximum fluctuation of vitamin from one bottle to the next that went into effect in 2006. Up until 2006 there were still a small number of manufacturers that were adding back in the cod vitamins at the end of the process. As one can imagine, nutrient levels with any fished or farmed product can vary significantly from month to month. Therefore, it became necessary for the cod oil producers in Europe to add back standardized vitamin D to the oils. We also saw a big shift take place in the market place as the focus shifted from fat soluble vitamin benefits to Omega fatty acid benefits (EPA and DHA). Currently the overwhelming majority of Cod Liver Oil that is found in the supermarket or health food stores is produced via distillation. When cod liver oil is processed by distillation, it is heated, carbon filtered, and deodorized . All of these damage the fatty acid chains of the oils making them susceptible to becoming rancid as well as yielding nutrient levels that are a fraction of what was contained in the liver itself.

    Green Pasture was very forward thinking in seeing this pending issue as a threat to high vitamin cod liver oil availability. Green Pasture had been importing high vitamin cod liver oil from Scandinavia for years and understood it was only a matter of time before that source changed for what we all viewed as the worse. Green Pasture set about an exploratory process to commercially produce an unheated, fermented cod liver oil. This exploration into Fermented Cod Liver Oil was possible as Green Pasture was not based in Europe and was going to produce their oils within the United States. There were a lot of discoveries as Green Pasture set about producing an oil that had not been made in a long time. To be honest some of the early batches of this oil left us with the feeling that maybe the oil was best kept contained within the walls of a capsule and that a liquid version should be avoided. Holding true to a dedication to make this oil both a high nutrient content and palatable, the folks at Green Pasture pushed on to make a fairly consistent taste and preserve the integrity of the oil. Now to be fair, the oils do fluctuate from batch to batch with some being more aggressive than others and if taste is a major issue for you as a customer DO NOT buy the unflavored version. Fermented Cod Liver Oil is produced after months of fermentation in large containers. The livers themselves ferment which causes the oils to be released naturally. As a result Green Pasture's Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil is full of natural pigments and micro-nutrients that are absent in the distilled oils.  Green Pasture's Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a reddish brown and has a taste different from distilled cod liver oil, which is nearly always a light yellow hue. As for the stability of Cod liver oil, fermented oils are naturally stable at room temperature due to their vitamins remaining intact and their fatty acids not being damaged by heat whereas distilled oils need to be purchased in the refrigerated section, kept refrigerated, and almost always require a antioxidant additive such as vitamin E to prevent a rapid oxidation of the oil.

    At the end of the day, the vitamin levels are hundreds of times higher in Green Pasture's Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and the fatty acids have not been damaged by heat. However the consumer needs to expect that the traditional Fermented Cod Liver will vary in thickness, taste, color, smell. This variability is impossible to eliminate with an oil produced in traditional ways and that should give us some comfort in knowing that Green Pasture could have taken the easy road and simply imported low vitamin content cod liver oil.

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