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  • Where To Find The Cheapest Prices On Dragon Herbs

    What Are Dragon Herbs?

    Promoting healthy herbs and a holistic lifestyle, Dragon Herbs id the leader in Chinese herbalism. Focusing on the concept of balancing Jing, Qi, and Shen to provide deep long term reserve energy, Dragon Herbs supplies over 1000 herbal formulations made from the highest quality herbs to guide you on a path to achieve glowing health. By supplying tonic herbs and superfoods, Dragon Herbs hopes to serve your needs to achieve your most radiant health.

    Where Can I find Dragon herbs?

    Several online retail stores sell these products in both a one time purchase and a subscription. Within our research we have found that Renewed Health is by far the most “bang for your buck”, With high quality and low prices, Renewed Health has no competition when it comes to their Dragon Herbs products.

    Where To Buy Dragon Herbs For The Best Price:

    Here are a list of several online retail shops that supply Dragon Herb products:


    1. Renewed Health-  Only the highest quality products are featured with prices that are the lowest and best within the market. They are an avid supplier of Dragon Herbs, juicers, and nutritional supplements. Selling individual products and bundles of Dragon Herb products, prices range from $8.75 and $113.98. If you are looking for the cheapest prices on Dragon Herbs especially with the auto-shipping options this is definitely the place to shop.

    2. iHerb- Coming in at a 1.1% price increase from the cheapest supplier, iHerb supplies over 1,200 brands and 30,000 brand name products that you can also find at health food stores and pharmacies that sell natural products.


    1. Holistic People-  Focusing on wellness products at a 1.33% increase from the lowest supplier, Holistic People supplies organic, vegan, and supplements. They are sell herbs, superfoods, and kitchen appliances.


    1. Vitacost-  Supplies products including supplements, vitamins, health foods, sports nutrition, beauty, home, and products for your pets. Typical range of Dragon Herb products start at $8.54 to $93.82. Vitacost has a 3.2% increase of prices from the lowest supplier.


    1. Dragon Herb’s- Supplying and manufacturing Dragon Herb products to be placed in retailers worldwide, Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs comes in at a 6.25% increase from the cheapest supplier.

    Why Buy From Renewed Health Supply?

    Family owned and operated since 1998, Renewed Health was created to have a place where all the major aspects of health could be met without having to go to many sources and worry about compromising quality. Focusing on products that fortify and strengthen the system of both the healthy and ill, they classify tonic herbs and incorporate a holistic lifestyle to build your most radiant health.With high quality, well researched, and fair prices, Renewed Health is your first and foremost supplier of Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs products.


  • What are the best ways to get healthy?

    Having been in business since 1998, we have noticed a large number of trends that have come and gone in the natural/alternative health circle. We have seen everything from some new exotic fruit that will supposedly cure your woes (Noni, mangosteen, acai,) to electrical devices that can supposedly cure cancer, to diets that run from raw vegan to paleo or high fat to no fat or low carb to no carb. Lots of absurdity peppered with some truth.

    The most distressing of all is that we constantly see people chasing after and spending good money on what is often nothing more than sexy marketing at the expense of embracing proven/time tested health benefitting concepts and products. Maybe there is something about American culture that results in the masses being distracted by the latest and greatest next miracle fix or maybe it is a universal phenomenon.

    In 2016 our encouragement to you would be to focus on finding the truth in all areas. There are hard truths in this world that apply, whether we embrace them or not. Here is my best advice I can give to help you start creating a new and healthier you.


    We know that populations thatSeventh Generation Cleaners have higher exposure to chemicals suffer compared to those in cleaner environments.

    1. Clean out your chemical exposure by buying organic produce.
    2. Get a good air purifier and put in quality furnace filters.
    3. Buy bed linens and at least a mattress cover that isn’t treated with fire retardants. At minimum buy an organic pillow and pillow case.
    4. Use truly green cleaning products.


    We know that diet really does matter.

    1. Focus on nutrient rich food but don’t forget that they still contain calories.
    2. Drink clean water, ideally distilled water, as the $8 filter on your fridge isn’t even close to adequate to get the industrial/pharmaceutical/chemical slurry out of your water.
    3. Eat more veggies. This might mean that you learn how to cook. Ask a vegetarian for ideas, as they certainly are not eating the volumes of steamed cabbage you may think they are but rather know how to make tasty veggies.
    4. Replace your salt and cooking oils with nutrient rich celtic sea salt and high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.
    5. Stop drinking low grade non organic coffee, lower your alcohol consumption or at least choose organic red wine when possible. Maybe even switch over to high quality green teas as we have grown to LOVE them and they really do have hard science supporting their benefits.
    6. Color does really matter.  When you look at your plate you should see the rainbow. Different colors of food include different phytonutrients.  Include a variety.



    We know that exercise makes a difference but it can’t make up for poor diet and lifestyle choices.

    1. Find something that you enjoy.
    2. Don’t ruin your joints in your choice.
    3. Remember that flexibility, blood flow, muscular strength, and regularity are all important.
    4. Keep in mind that exercise increases the circulation of what is in your blood stream whether it is nutrients or toxins.



    We know that detoxifying the body is really important. We have found that after all these years in business that maybe 1 out of every 200 of our customers is interested in cleansing the body properly. If you expect to live a long and healthy life don’t neglect this area.

    1. Use herbs to get your liver cleaned out and restored.
    2. Incorporate intermittent fasting.
    3. Get sweaty, saunas are legitimate and powerful ways to detox.
    4. Move your lymph whether through rebounding, a chi machine, or regular massage.



    We know that the mind and soul need nourishment. I can say that 99% of our customers are pleasant individuals and that folks that tend to focus on a healthy lifestyle are more disposed to pleasantness. Be aware of the fact that stress isn’t bad. In fact it makes us strong.  It builds fortitude. But don’t let it destroy you. In fact, find ways to nurture and stretch yourselves. A sermon at church that convicts and speaks to your soul should not be avoided but embraced. When God’s voice albeit difficult to hear at times seems to be calling at you from multiple angles; listen. Avoiding issues or ugly truths will destroy your health and your soul over time.



    We know that there is profound power within the time tested tonic herbs and superfoods. Ginseng, reishi, cod liver oil, algae, schizandra and countless others are powerful and restorative compounds. They have to be quality, concentrated, and significant enough in dose to impart benefit to the body but when used correctly are the single most beneficial substances one can utilize. Don’t waste your time and money on some multi-level product marketed by a friend at the expense of using proven tonic/superfoods.


    Finally, we know that our choices really do matter. Be empowered by the fact that all of you reading this have access to everything mentioned in this article. You should also be empowered by knowing that there are others out here and science that has validated these choices. Count yourself in the tiny ranks of humanity that have the ability to see the big picture and that you aren’t putting your life into a random mixing bowl of probability but are daily shifting towards either better or worse health in large part through your own choices. Most of all have fun. If you are going to make the shift then own it, get excited about it, don’t look towards others for validation or see yourself as an outcast but be who you want to be and try to help others when they ask or are open to it.

    Don't feel overwhelmed by the fads.  Just start with what we know.

    Happy and Healthy New Year!


  • Why Does Renewed Health Supply Have a Blog?

    Renewed Health Supply has been in business since 1998. Ryan Krumroy started the business because he was passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and wanted to share that passion with others.

    Since 1998, Ryan got married and started a family.  Living a healthy lifestyle became more important.  Growing in knowledge of the health community and sharing it with others is what Renewed Health Supply is all about.

    Renewed Health Supply is now run by both Ryan and his wife Tracey.  After some recent discussions, Ryan and Tracey decided that it's time to start sharing the knowledge they have gained over the years - thus the blog.

    Our goal is to start answering questions that our customers ask us every day. We would love to hear what questions you have about our products and the health industry.  Please email us what you want to know!

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