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  • What is the Difference Between Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Regular Cod Liver Oil?

    When we started in business in 1998, there were a number of cod liver oil products on the market that were both high vitamin and high quality. The overwhelming majority of cod liver oil has historically been produced in northern Europe (Norway, Iceland, Denmark, etc) and that tradition continues today. In the early 2000’s many in the natural health field, including us at Renewed Health Supply, became concerned about a pending standardization of cod liver oil. Europe’s equivalent of the FDA had legislated a maximum fluctuation of vitamin from one bottle to the next that went into effect in 2006. Up until 2006 there were still a small number of manufacturers that were adding back in the cod vitamins at the end of the process. As one can imagine, nutrient levels with any fished or farmed product can vary significantly from month to month. Therefore, it became necessary for the cod oil producers in Europe to add back standardized vitamin D to the oils. We also saw a big shift take place in the market place as the focus shifted from fat soluble vitamin benefits to Omega fatty acid benefits (EPA and DHA). Currently the overwhelming majority of Cod Liver Oil that is found in the supermarket or health food stores is produced via distillation. When cod liver oil is processed by distillation, it is heated, carbon filtered, and deodorized . All of these damage the fatty acid chains of the oils making them susceptible to becoming rancid as well as yielding nutrient levels that are a fraction of what was contained in the liver itself.

    Green Pasture was very forward thinking in seeing this pending issue as a threat to high vitamin cod liver oil availability. Green Pasture had been importing high vitamin cod liver oil from Scandinavia for years and understood it was only a matter of time before that source changed for what we all viewed as the worse. Green Pasture set about an exploratory process to commercially produce an unheated, fermented cod liver oil. This exploration into Fermented Cod Liver Oil was possible as Green Pasture was not based in Europe and was going to produce their oils within the United States. There were a lot of discoveries as Green Pasture set about producing an oil that had not been made in a long time. To be honest some of the early batches of this oil left us with the feeling that maybe the oil was best kept contained within the walls of a capsule and that a liquid version should be avoided. Holding true to a dedication to make this oil both a high nutrient content and palatable, the folks at Green Pasture pushed on to make a fairly consistent taste and preserve the integrity of the oil. Now to be fair, the oils do fluctuate from batch to batch with some being more aggressive than others and if taste is a major issue for you as a customer DO NOT buy the unflavored version. Fermented Cod Liver Oil is produced after months of fermentation in large containers. The livers themselves ferment which causes the oils to be released naturally. As a result Green Pasture's Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil is full of natural pigments and micro-nutrients that are absent in the distilled oils.  Green Pasture's Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a reddish brown and has a taste different from distilled cod liver oil, which is nearly always a light yellow hue. As for the stability of Cod liver oil, fermented oils are naturally stable at room temperature due to their vitamins remaining intact and their fatty acids not being damaged by heat whereas distilled oils need to be purchased in the refrigerated section, kept refrigerated, and almost always require a antioxidant additive such as vitamin E to prevent a rapid oxidation of the oil.

    At the end of the day, the vitamin levels are hundreds of times higher in Green Pasture's Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and the fatty acids have not been damaged by heat. However the consumer needs to expect that the traditional Fermented Cod Liver will vary in thickness, taste, color, smell. This variability is impossible to eliminate with an oil produced in traditional ways and that should give us some comfort in knowing that Green Pasture could have taken the easy road and simply imported low vitamin content cod liver oil.

  • Why Does Renewed Health Supply Have a Blog?

    Renewed Health Supply has been in business since 1998. Ryan Krumroy started the business because he was passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and wanted to share that passion with others.

    Since 1998, Ryan got married and started a family.  Living a healthy lifestyle became more important.  Growing in knowledge of the health community and sharing it with others is what Renewed Health Supply is all about.

    Renewed Health Supply is now run by both Ryan and his wife Tracey.  After some recent discussions, Ryan and Tracey decided that it's time to start sharing the knowledge they have gained over the years - thus the blog.

    Our goal is to start answering questions that our customers ask us every day. We would love to hear what questions you have about our products and the health industry.  Please email us what you want to know!

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