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Anderson's Concentrated Mineral Drops

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All-Natural, Low Sodium Mineral Concentrate.

Since 1998 when we started in business we have advocated water distillers as providing the only true pure water solution for the public. While this still holds true as no other method comes close to removing the breadth of contaminates at the effective rate of a properly designed distiller some have questioned the wisdom in long-term consumption of zero mineral content water.

On a personal note I have drank distilled water for 15 years and have not used fluoride in at least as many years and have not had a single cavity. There is some data however clearly showing the benefit of consuming water with higher levels of magnesium. We are now providing an option for those that want the best of both worlds in a VERY low cost product. Anderson’s concentrated mineral drops are the real deal.

They are much more concentrated than other extracts on the market so much so that in order to take distilled water from 0 PPM of mineral content to 33 you only need 1 drop per 20 ounces of water which is what we believe ideal for daily use. Each bottle has around 2400 drops so you can do the math and realize that it will be years before you need another bottle. This is a true small family run company that has been harvesting minerals from the Great Salt Lake since 1969 and really sits alone at the top as having the highest quality product we have been able to find.

The following info is direct from Anderson’s website:

Your body relies on minerals and trace minerals each and every day to support numerous biochemical and physiological functions each day. Minerals form the foundation of our health. Minerals help form and maintain bone, assist in muscle function and nerve transmission, and energy conversion. Literally each of the millions of cells in your body requires minerals.

Unfortunately, many of the foods we consume today don’t provide sufficient amounts of minerals we need. Further, other factors such as stress, exercise, the use of certain medications can further deplete already low levels of minerals. Using Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops helps replenish the essential minerals and trace minerals you require each day. Anderson’s Low-Sodium CMD is a highly concentrated liquid mineral supplement from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. It contains the same basic mineral balance as sea water except that it has been concentrated to nearly 50 times the concentration of sea water through a natural solar evaporation process with nearly 99 percent of the sodium removed. The minerals in Anderson’s CMD are in a natural, ionic, electrolyte solution—the same form as the minerals found in the fluids of the body.

This is also the same form as many of the elements in pure, natural drinking water. Anderson’s CMD is a rich source of magnesium, an essential mineral for human health. Two milliliters provides half of the Daily Value for magnesium. Anderson’s CMD is also rounded out by a complete balance of full spectrum naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals, yet is low in sodium. Many people use Anderson’s CMD for the benefits of the rich amount of magnesium.

Some use Anderson’s to support a healthy pH balance as well as general health and well being.* Anderson’s CMD also contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring minerals in trace and ultra-trace amounts, which provide broad spectrum balancing and resonance for the body.

Pure, All-Natural Essential Elements and Nothing Else

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Manufacturer Anderson's Health Solute ions
fl. oz 2 (60 ml)
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Nutrition Facts

Consume ¼ milliliters (ml) to 2 ml Anderson’s CMD  daily mixed with foods or beverages so that daily consumption equals 2 ml.  Consuming larger amounts or the full daily dose all at one may have a laxative  effect. CMD may taste bitter, but small amounts in foods and beverages can  enhance flavors. Spreading consumption over the day improves absorption.

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